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Development of Affirmative Action Plans

Companies with 50+ employees and government contracts over $50,000 are required by law to have an affirmative action plan in place for each of its establishments. Qualifying Employers are subject to random compliance audits by the OFCCP. Additionally, a current affirmative action plan document is always requested in an employment discrimination complaint investigation. To receive a FREE quote for development of affirmative action plans from HR 911®

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Let HR 911® put your mind at ease and keep you in compliance. All that is needed is some easily assembled workforce demographic information.

Our proprietary plan language and statistical analyses are accurate, easy to read and understand. We have updated it to ensure continued compliance with Executive Order 11246 and 41 CFR 60-1 & 60-2, as well as the recent Executive Order changes to the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. We identify potential areas of concern, develop plan goals, and include recommendations for improvement. We also provide free affirmative action plan training.

Statistical Reports:

Using "best practices for human resources" statistical processing techniques, analyses are created to support reporting requirements. These include:

  • Organizational Profile (Internal Workforce Analysis)

  • Job Group Analysis

  • Availability (2-Factor) Analysis (Female, Minority  as well as benchmarks for Veterans and Disabled)

  • Utilization Analysis (Female, Minority, Veterans and Disabled)

  • Impact Ratio Analysis (Female, Minority, Veterans and Disabled) (includes employment lifecycle testing using the 80% rule)

Narrative Plan Language:

 Our affirmative action plan language includes the following required sections:

  •  Narrative Affirmative Action Plan language (a detailed written presentation of each area is located in sections identified by notebook tabs)

  • Responsibility for Implementation

  • Identification of Problem Areas

  • Development & Execution of Action Oriented Programs

  • Internal Audit & Reporting Systems

  • Guidelines for Religion & National origin

  • Guidelines for Veterans

  • Guidelines for the Disabled 

Compensation Equity Analysis:

An annual compensation equity analysis review is required as part of an AAP. We conduct this complex compensation analysis for you. This analysis complies with OFCCP reporting requirements and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises if audited. It includes:

  •  Multiple regression and SSE pooled regression analysis of compensation practices

  • Analysis and interpretation of results

  • Identification of problem areas

  • Recommendations 

Executive Summary:

Our exclusive executive analysis summary provides a quick overview of your affirmative action plan status and includes:

  • Availability /Utilization Analysis Summary

  • Impact Ratio Analysis Summary

  • Utilization Analysis for Veterans and Disabled (new)

  • Impact Ratio Analysis for Veterans and Disabled (new)

  • Compensation Equity Summary 

Self-Audit Checklist for Implementing AAP

Also provided is a self-audit checklist to help assist you in implementing your new affirmative action plan(s).

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